Unity is a peer leadership programme that empowers people to challenge sectarianism/bullying/harassment and lead the way in creating a culture of compassion and active citizenship in schools and communities.  This programme is a partnership between Holywell, St Columbs Park House, Steve Wessler and PSNI.

Originally developed in 1999, Unity seeks to harness the power of peer influence in reducing levels of bias, incidents including bullying and hate speech in schools and communities.  The Unity cirriculum uses a series of narrative based mdules, delivered by trained facilitators to introduce the concepts of difference and the impacts of bias based on difference before giving students the opportunity to practise strategies for reducing bias incidents in their schools for the short and longer term. The main focus of the project is to work with schools and community groups within the Derry City and Strabane District Council area. 

Natural Born Leaders

Natural Born Leaders is a new innovative project within the Unity programme that aims to use mixed martial arts as a tool for personal development and peacebuilding.  This project will use the methodology of mixed martial arts to dig a bit deeper into how young people understand themselves and others, their sense of belonging and how they value their self worth.  This approach will enable them to build confidence and skills to play a positive leadership role within the park, their City and their peers