The aim of Compassionate Communities is two-fold: (1) to enable the voices of local people from marginalised communities (geographic or community of interest) to be heard in decision making process which impact on them and their communities and (2) to enhance the skills, knowledge and capacity of local people to develop and drive forward a campaign on an issue they feel passionate about.

Compassionate Communities has delivered a six months training and support programme to local people, including a 13 week structured campaigning Communities programme delivered to local people.  Themes for the training programme included:

  • Global/Local links and perspectives
  • Understanding Human Rights
  • Social Justice and Power
  • Self Care as a Campaigner
  • Voice Coaching
  • How to develop a Campaigning Strategy
  • Media Training
  • Rehearsal for Life
  • Visits to local political party offices
  • Session on Community Planning and how local people can get involved
  • Visit to local council and a meeting with the Mayor
  • Study visit to Stormont
  • Meeting with Local independent councillors

Community of Practice Events:

As part of Compassionate Communities we are eager to share the learning of other campaigners and explore Creative Arts as a campaigning tool. A series of events have been planned over the 18 month lifespan of the project:

  • A production of “Alillio Fionnuala” written and performed by Donal O’Kelly. A play based on the experience of the North Mayo community in their fight against Shell Oil and the development of the Corrib Gas Line
  • Songs of Activism from local singer/songwriters Diane Greer and Paddy Nash.
  • An evening of poetry and discussion with Palestinaian poet Remi Kanazi in partnership with Unison Commuinity Branch
Compassionate Communities
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