Compassionate Communities has delivered a six months training and support programme to local people, including a 13 week structured campaigning Communities programme delivered to local people.  Themes for the training programme included:

  • Global/Local links and perspectives
  • Understanding Human Rights
  • Social Justice and Power
  • Self Care as a Campaigner
  • Voice Coaching
  • How to develop a Campaigning Strategy
  • Media Training
  • Rehearsal for Life
  • Visits to local political party offices
  • Session on Community Planning and how local people can get involved
  • Visit to local council and a meeting with the Mayor
  • Study visit to Stormont
  • Meeting with Local independent councillors

Community of Practice Events:

As part of Compassionate Communities we are eager to share the learning of other campaigners and explore Creative Arts as a campaigning tool. A series of events have been planned over the 18 month lifespan of the project:

  • A production of “Alillio Fionnuala” written and performed by Donal O’Kelly. A play based on the experience of the North Mayo community in their fight against Shell Oil and the development of the Corrib Gas Line
  • Songs of Activism from local singer/songwriters Diane Greer and Paddy Nash.
  • An evening of poetry and discussion with Palestinaian poet Remi Kanazi in partnership with Unison Commuinity Branch