Welcome to St Columb's Park House

At the end of the peace bridge, nestled in a beautiful historic park, lies one of the best kept secrets in the City, St Columb’s Park House. We believe that a better world is possible and that everyday people and everyday activism is the key to achieving this.

St Columb’s Park House opened as a peace and reconciliation centre in 1994 offering a shared space for learning, leadership and peaceful activism. Our mission is to be the heart of the park, helping to nurture peaceful, vibrant and compassionate communities.

Through the charity, (St Columb’s Park Reconciliation Trust), we facilitate a range of projects that animate communities and individuals to work together towards a fair, peaceful society where every individual feels valued and can make a positive difference. People involved in our projects come from all walks of life and inspire us to have hope and to keep working together for peace and justice on a personal, local and global level.

The location of St Columb’s Park House in the heart of a park that is steeped in heritage and nature is ideal for reflection, restoring energy and connecting to nature. This important park is a breathing space, the 'lungs' of the city and is accessible to everyone.

With an accessible cafe, toilets and parking, SCPH is well-used by diverse groups to start and stop their journey on the city's greenway and staff are trained as disability pilot bike cyclists.

This is a place to relax, interact, discover and refresh perspectives.

St. Columb's Park House - The Heart of the Park

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