Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport played all around the world, and is now available in Derry/Londonderry!

About Ultimate:

A cross between netball and American Football, Ultimate players score points by catching the frisbee ("disc") in the other team's end zone. Players are unable to run with the disc and need to pass in order to score.

Ultimate is proud to be the only ICO recognized sport to be self-officiating. Players must respect the "spirit of the game". This means that players recognize their own fouls and treat other players with respect.

Ultimate is a great tool to use in youth work, and in building relationships between divided communities.

Ultimate Training:

Peace in the Park offers Ultimate Training to schools, youth groups, and more! This is a great team-building exercise, and tool to use for youth work. Contact us at 02871 343080 to find out more.

Interested in playing?

Come to a session of Derry/Londonderry's first Ultimate Club, Maiden City Ultimate! Beginners are welcome! For more information check out their facebook page.

 For more information, take a look at these resources:

Peace In The Park
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St. Columb's Park House - The Heart of the Park

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