National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once in a lifetime opportunity for 15-17 year olds in Northern Ireland to build skills for employment such as resilience, confidence and leadership, build trust between people of different backgrounds, and create stronger communities where giving back is a way of life.

St. Columb’s Park House operates teams in Derry/Londonderry and in Coleraine.

Summer 2020 Dates for both areas:
29 June - 3 July: Adventure Residential (Be Epic!)
6-10 July: Discovery Residential (Live Life!)
14 July - 2 Aug: Social Action Planning & Delivery (Do Good!) - non-residential 


The application process is now online at

If you have any questions or any problems applying, please contact us.


About NCS: 

St. Columb’s Park House, in partnership with Co-operation Ireland, has delivered NCS in the North West and on the North Coast since 2012. In Northern Ireland, the programme has more than 2500 graduates to date.  Nationally, more than half a million young people have volunteered their time to communities across England and Northern Ireland through participation in NCS social action.

NCS is open to all, regardless of background, experience or whether their strengths lie in sport, creativity or academics, with additional support provided to young people with learning or physical needs.

Taking place during the summer holidays and the Halloween break every year, NCS consists of:

  1. An action-packed Adventure residential away from home with your new team
  2. A Discovery phase to learn skills for life and work
  3. A Social Action project with your team to give back to your community. 
  4. We wrap up with a graduation and Celebration event with all NI NCS grads from your season. 

Phases 1, 2, and 3 must be completed with at least 90% attendance in order to graduate from NCS.  There will be some get-to know-you meetings before the programme begins as well as a graduation & celebration event after the Social Action project. 

You can find more detail on the different phases of the programme at  

It’s important to us that as many young people as possible get to take part so the programme takes place during school holidays. With funding from the Department for Communities and The Honourable, The Irish Society, participation fees are capped at £50 for the summer and £25 for the Autumn with financial support available on a case-by-case basis.

Autumn 2019 dates are as follows:

Phase 1: 29 June - 3 July - Be Epic!
Participants spend 3 nights away from home at The Share Centre in Fermanagh, getting to know the team and being challenged by instructor-led group activities such as kayaking, sailing, and mountain biking.
Phase 2:  6-10 July - Live Life!
Back in their team area (Coleraine or Derry/Londonderry), teams will take part in workshops to develop skills for life and work, as well as issue based awareness sessions to help prepare for social action.
Phase 3:  14 July - 2 Aug - Do Good! (non-residential)
Teams identify issues that they care about in their community, then devise and deliver a social action project to make a difference. Projects range from educational events for chosen causes, awareness campaigns for local and youth issues, or regenerating public spaces.  This stage is for up to 30 hours including planning at set times, followed by carrying out the team’s planned project. 
Phase 4: Celebration & Graduation
Once the programme is completed, it’s time to celebrate with graduation - receiving a certificate signed by the Prime Minister and a 100-hour Millennium Volunteer award, supplied by Volunteer Now. We then work to provide opportunities for young people to continue with their journey and further volunteering as NCS graduates.

Further information available at our office or contact Darragh on 028 71343080 for more details.

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